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Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is necessary for diagnostic assessment and treatment planning. An intensive and thorough assessment of the client is performed with review of clinical history, complete medical and treatment history, developmental, family, occupational and social history, mental status evaluation, relevant diagnostic psychological tests, cognitive tests. Relevant lab tests and neuroimaging may be additionally recommended. The aim of evaluation is to provide a clear and specific plan for treatment. A written report is provided to the client with recommendation for short term and long term treatment.

Second Opinion Consulation

Sometimes psychiatry clients on treatment with partial recovery or treatment non responders or clients with unclear diagnosis want a fresh opinion. We offer second opinion consults for children, adolescents and adults. A brief psychiatric review or a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation may be planned to offer the client a definitive treatment plan to improve target symptoms. Second Opinion Consults include a review of client’s clinical history, treatment records and relevant psycholological tests.

Medication Management For All Psychiatry Disorders

We provide medication consultation for a wide variety of emotional and behavioral disorders for children, youth, adults and elderly . Our approach is intensive, evidence based, backed by latest advances in research and practice guidelines. On each prescription refill visit the client is evaluated for improvement in symptoms, relapses or breakthrough symptoms, side effects related to medication, and improvement in psychosocial parameters. We treat all psychiatry disorders including depression, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, addictions, OCD, Dementias etc.