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Preconception Consultation

Frequently Obstetricians recommend that Women who are planning pregnancy with prior psychiatry illness or women taking psychiatry medication may obtain a preconception consultation to device a treatment plan during pregnancy and post partum period. The consultation requires a risk benefit analysis for psychotropic medications, along with possibility of intensive psychotherapy and close monitoring in pregnancy and post partum period.

We also offer psychological work up and screening for fitness evaluation egg donors, surrogate mothers and IVF clients.

Reproductive Psychiatry Consultation

We provide expert consultations for psychiatric illness and medication to women across the reproductive life cycle related to emotional and behavioural changes like anxiety, depression, psychosis, and sexual health. We treat emotional and behavioral problems related to the premenstrual phase, pregnancy, pregnancy loss or abortion or infertility related issues, breastfeeding, post partum, and menopausa phase in women.

Treatment plans include medication or psychotherapy or both.

Consultation Liason Psychiatry

Patients suffering from other medical or surgical disorders such as cardiovascular, gastro intestinal, cancers and other serious medical illnesses, diabetes, skin, endocrine and other medical illnesses often develop psychological and emotional disturbances. We provide evaluation and management for general medical patients having comorbid emotional and behavioral disorders.