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Find the best center for Child and Adolescent Behavior Problems in Delhi, NCR

The best Child and Adolescent Behavior Management clinic in Delhi, delivers high quality, child centric, family focused diagnostic and  treatment services for infants, children, adolescents and young adults in colleges up to 24 years age.

Our Process in treatment of Child and Adolescent behavior problems

We are running the Best Center for Child and Adolescent Behavior Problems in Delhi, with many satisfied parents. We have a three step approach.

Initial Screening Session: In the first session we meet the child and the parent to understand your specific concerns and make a plan to best address your child.

Assessments: We provide diagnostic assessments for children on request from parents, pediatricians, schools, and social service agencies.

Therapy and Parent Guidance: After initial session and assessments an intervention plan is created to achieve our goals.

When should a parent decide to meet a Psychiatrist or Psychologist or Counselor for their child and adolescents behavior problems?

Sometimes love and affection are just not enough to help a child cope up with difficult behaviors. Therapy can help kids and teens learn to cope with difficult feelings, tough times in family, in school or with friends, difficult conditions like Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders . Therapy duration may last once a week for a few months when the child meets the therapist alone or with parents. children learn by doing activities and practicing skills.

Parents have a lot of hesitation in meeting a mental health professional for their children. Hence only the Best Center for Child and Adolescent Behavior Problems can bring desired results. Therapist meetings are generally interesting and fun based interactions.

Although it is true that as parents, you would have the best assessment of your child’s state of mind, but professional Psychiatrists who have studied this science for years who have also gained years of experience in handling such cases are going to be much better equipped to understand the psychological condition of your child in a much better manner.

Aspects of child and Adolescent behavior needing Psychiatric help…

At Wee Care Clinic, we provide the Best Care for Child and Adolescent Behavior Problems in Delhi, NCR. We can efficiently handle all the issues faced by your child through the years of his transition from a child  to an adolescent, and help him/her cope with the physical and mental changes with the help of our child psychiatric services, .

We can provide psychiatric help for ADHD ,  Dyslexia, Emotional Disorders, Eating disorders, Depression, stuttering and stammering. Problems like gender and sexuality issues, academic performance,  suicidal tendencies, body image disorders, anxiety & depression, smoking/tobacco use, alcohol and drug abuse in teens etc.

Get in touch with us for your child’s guidance…

If you think that your child is facing any of the issues discussed above, please feel free to come to our clinic, which is undoubtedly Best Centre for Child and Adolescent Behaviour Problems in Delhi, NCR. To find out more about our services, please visit our website, you can also email us at, or give us a call at +91-9711887732 to clear your doubts.