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Addictions always destroy lives…

Addiction to heavy medication, drugs or alcoholic substances can also be the root cause of severe mental issues in women. Although men are more prone to falling for an addiction than women, but women demonstrate a tendency to progress more rapidly from the use of an addictive substance to developing a complete dependence on it Best De-addiction Centre in Delhi, NCR.

Women also have a tendency to develop the social consequences of addiction much more rapidly than men, and are more probable to find the addiction harder to quit in comparison to men. What is more, the danger of a relapse of addiction is also higher in women compared to men in general.

Treating people with Addictions…

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gambling, or any other addiction, it requires a huge amount of self determination and control to consciously stay away from it. But once the person suffering from addiction has accepted that there is indeed a problem, and they decide to come to us, we at Wee Care clinic can treat them at one of the best De-addiction Centre in Delhi NCR being run at our facility.

At this facility, we offer the following de-addiction methods…

  • Outpatient basis detoxification plans
  • Medication to handle withdrawals
  • CBT Therapy
  • MET Therapy and
  • Family Therapy as well.

De-addiction requires careful handling, Best De-addiction Centre in Delhi, NCR

In our practice at Wee Care Clinic we see many adolescents, young adults and women for smoking, alcohol, cannabis, stimulants, heroin and other drug use. To help these people, we are always looking to work in close contact with friends and family members of these people to provide them with the appropriate guidance and treatment required to help them overcome their addiction problem. The real challenge with de-addiction programs does not lie in stopping people from using it; but convincing people enough to stop them in such a way that they don’t start their use again.