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Want the best Psychiatrist in Delhi, NCR

The whole notion of finding the best is actually a bit vague in reality. If a solution works best for you, it does not mean it will also work best for others. That’s why when it comes to choosing a Best Psychiatrist in Delhi, NCR; you will be better off going to a Psychiatrist, who is more inclined to listen to you to assess your mental condition in a better way.

Since the job of psychiatrists is to diagnose and treat mentally disturbed patients, they are pretty well qualified and trained to evaluate both mental and physical sides of the psychological disturbance that is causing this problem. Equipped with this knowledge, Psychiatrists not only carry out a thorough and correct diagnosis of their patients; they also prescribe/ administer the remedy, which is required for treating the patients Best Psychiatrist in Delhi, NCR.

Why do people need Psychiatric help…?

There could be several situations that may force people to seek psychiatric help due to a number of complex reasons. Sometimes the complexities of life can become too much to handle for people. Relationships too can turn for worse sometimes, which could easily contribute to building of anger, anxiety and depression among people. Feelings arising out of daily stresses and strains can also blow completely out of control sometimes, which may result in people resorting to Alcohol or drug use as well. In majority of these situations, people may need Psychiatric help if they experience or exhibit the following behavioral patterns…

  • Recurrence of unreasonable thoughts
  • Sudden Mood Swings
  • Recurring Suicidal thoughts  & behaviours
  • Constant sense of rage, panic, concern, remorse and grief
  • Uncontrolled use of non-prescribed Drugs
  • Excessive Alcohol & Tobacco use
  • Complete shift in the overall personality
  • Change in social behavioral patterns etc.

Get in touch with us if somebody you know needs help…

If you find that anybody close to you is showing the above mentioned symptoms in behavior, you can definitely get in touch with Dr. Tina Gupta (MD) at her email: or at her mobile number +91-9711887732. We at Wee Care clinic; the 1st clinic in Delhi running a Mental Health and Wellness Program devoted exclusively to women across the life span, will offer you complete evaluation; counseling and proper treatment for any mental or psychological issues that you, or the person you are close to might be facing in their life Best Psychiatrist in Delhi, NCR.