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Assessments In Children

We receive referrals from pediatricians, school counselors and parents for behavioral, developmental and scholastic problems in children. To create clear and specific intervention plans for children and adolescents we do initial assessments.

We do Comprehensive child and adolescent assessments such as Early Developmental Evaluation of infants and preschoolers ( 0 to 6 years), Psychological assessments for emotional behavioural concerns at home or school , IQ assessments, ADHD/ADD Work up, Autism Spectrum Disorders work up, Psycho- educational assessments for Dyslexia.

ADHD Management In Children And Adults

ADHD treatment program involves initial assessments of the client followed by an individualized multi modal treatment plan based on parent education, behavioural interventions, classroom interventions, educational supports, medication management, family therapy and individual therapy on social skills training, assertiveness training, conflict resolution, anger management.

Pediatric Early Development Program

Children younger than 5 years with difficulties in 5 developmental areas

  • physical/ motor development
  • speech, language and communication
  • cognitive and learning
  • social, emotional & behavioural
  • adaptive functions and self care

are eligible for intensive early development program implemented by an interdisciplinary team of psychiatrist, paediatrician, speech language pathologist and occupational therapist. The program has excellent results in children with autism spectrum disorders.