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Academic And Life Skills Coaching Program

This is a program for every child and parent to enroll. This is a ten sessions coaching program for students and young adults that equips them with skills to build their emotional intelligence, academic skills, leadership, communication and relationships, organization and time management, conflict management and problem solving skills.

Individual Therapy For Children And Adolescents

Kids like adults can benefit from therapy. Individual therapies offered to children vary with the diagnosis and developmental level and include play therapy, ESDM for autism and PDD,CBT, assertiveness, self esteem and social skills training, anxiety management program, behavior therapy, stress management.

Parent Management Training And Guidance

Psychotherapy and skills training for parenting challenges is provided to parents of children in all age groups. Optimal parent skills are and family behaviors have a positive impact on children’s self esteem, school achievement, cognitive development and behaviour. Parents are trained in speciific procedures to alter interactions with their child at home, to acevelop prosocial behaviors and reduce deviant behaviors.