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“Taking control of your stress levels and making it work to your advantage”

Stress is so common in everyone’s life today.  Pressures and stress are an unavoidable part of work and life. But sometimes these stressors both acute and chronic overwhelm our coping mechanisms and this may push us into a downward spiral of helplessness and hopelessness. Stress is any demand – positive or negative – that affects our bodies or minds and tends to alter existing equilibrium. This can be a negative event such as a test, divorce, death or illness. It can also be an event that is positive and brings excitement into our lives such as a wedding, a birth, or graduation.

Stress effects both adults and children. Stress should not be ignored as it has been linked to heart disease, worsening of chronic medical ailments, chronic pain syndromes, depression, impaired sexual performance, sleep disturbances, nervous breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, sickness absence, family break-ups and job dissatisfaction.

Benefits of effective stress management are endless. It reduces healthcare costs, increases vitality and longevity, improves relationships, improves work productivity

What we do?

Stress Reduction and Life Coaching Program

Step one: During the first session a COMPREHENSIVE STRESS ASSESSMENT is done to formulate a personalised stress reduction plan that suits the client’s needs. The assessment helps client identify core stressors, effects of stress on body and mind, thinking styles, coping styles, emotional regulation.

Step two: The results of the assessment are discussed with the client and a personalised stress reduction plan is made.

Step three: The client meets weekly for sessions designed to implement the plan. The stress reduction plan covers relaxation training, cognitive therapy, effective time management, emotional control, anger and anxiety control, assertiveness, improving relationships, sleep, healthy eating, exercise and control of substance including smoking and alcohol. The stress action plan is delivered through a integrative approach to modify lifestyle. It is designed to work through the client’s resistance, increase motivation and bring lasting changes.

The Stress Reduction Program has benefited people reporting a variety of conditions and concerns:

  • Stress or tension—including work/job, school, family, financial, illness, aging, grief, uncertainty about the future, feeling “out of control.”
  • Other major stressful life events like death, divorce, separation, failures in relationships, transitions stages in life like retirement or change of job, etc
  • Medical conditions—including chronic illness or chronic pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, cancer, heart disease, asthma, GI distress, skin disorders, migraine and headaches, obesity and many other conditions.
  • Psychological distress—including anxiety, panic, depression, fatigue, low self confidence, low self esteem, sexual abuse, traumatic childhood, severe life traumas, and sleep disturbances.
  • Prevention and Wellness—including health enhancement and wellness focused on prevention and learning the “how” of taking good care of yourself and feeling a greater sense of balance.


  • Manage personal stress and work related stress
  • Become aware of your stressors and moderate your emotional and physical reactions
  • Deal with anxiety, depression and anger
  • Think positive
  • Enrich your relationships
  • Time management
  • Healthy eating, sleep and exercise

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