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A condition marked by repeated occurrence of unwanted thoughts…

Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Delhi, NCR, which is also commonly known as OCD is actually a kind of mental illness that is marked by repeated occurrences of unwanted thoughts in the person affected by OCD. As a consequence of this disorder, the person suffering from it often ends up doing the same things over and over again to get rid of that thought, only to experience the same feeling come back again after a short while.

People affected by OCD often end up spending a big part of the day doing tasks over and over again under the impression that these tasks are still not finished. One of the biggest downsides of OCD is that the person affected by it wastes too much time in doing chores that don’t require any further attention. As a result, the person affected by OCD is unable to devote time to other important things in life including their close friends and family members, Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Delhi, NCR.

People with OCD exhibit many peculiar symptoms…

The root cause of OCD or Obsessive Compulsive disorder actually stems from lack of self assuredness in people. People who are not very confident about themselves, often lack self belief that they will be able to finish a job in its entirety. This lack of self belief most of the times is the root cause of OCD, which causes a person to repeat the same task again and again because of lack of conviction that the job was really finished completely or not.

Some of the most common symptoms of OCD include…

  • Fear of infection from dust or bacteria
  • Unwanted Feelings
  • Unwarranted reservations about faith
  • An impulse to acknowledge, express or inquire
  • Sexual feelings that interrupt everyday life
  • Urge to arrange things in a proper manner
  • visualize self-harm or losing complete control due to aggression

Getting help from a good Psychiatrist is the best way out…

If there is anybody around you whom you think might be suffering from the above mentioned symptoms, you can surely help them get their life back on track by referring them to Wee care Clinic. Under the capable hands of Dr. Tina Gupta, we at Wee Care clinic will put our best foot forward to evaluate; counsel and treat the problem of OCD in the best possible manner. To book an appointment, or seek an advice, you can write in to, or you can also give her a call at +91-9711887732 and explain the nature and purpose of your query.